Asclepius, god of medicine, gold art gift. Ancient Greece, god of health, god of healing.

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Asclepius : God of medicine
Ancient Greek Mythology art icon and gold art gift.
Ancient Greece, ancient Rome classical mythology.
Ancient classical temple: Asclepeion ionic columns from Epidaurus Ancient Greece, science gift, doctors art gift.
was the god of medicine in ancient Greek Roman mythology and religion. Asclepius represents the healing site of the medicine, a healing god or a god of health. He was associated with the Roman god Vediovis. He was Apollo’s son. The rod of Asclepius , a snake-entwined staff, remains even today a symbol of medicine, and the official insignia of the American Medical Association.
The two snake caduceus became popular in US, because of its symmetry, but the majority of non-commercial and altruistic organizations use the Staff or rod of Asclepius rather than Hermes’ staff to symbolize the humanistic qualities of their organization.

Asclepius was the sun of god Apollo and killed by Zeus with a thunderbolt, after bringing people back from the dead. In ancient greek mythology, he was the son of Apollo and the princess Koronis. His mother died in labour and was laid out on the fire to be consumed, but his father rescued the child, cutting him from her womb. From this he received the name Asklepios “to cut open.”This is the first known Caesarean section, also commonly known as C-section (a surgical procedure in which one or more incisions are made through a mother’s abdomen and uterus to deliver a baby.
The boy was raised by the centaurKheiron, who instructed him in the art of medicine. Asklepios grew so talented that he was able to restore the dead to life. However, because this was a crime against gaia or Hades the god of the dead, Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt. After Asclepius’ death, Zeus placed his body among the stars as the constellation Ophiuchus (“the Serpent Holder”).
When he and his sons, Machaon and Podalirios, are mentioned in homer’sThe Iliad” in approximately the 8th century B.C.E., they are not yet gods.
As his followers grew, he was elevated to god, and temples were built to him throughout the Mediterranean world well into late antiquity.

Asclepius was also said to have been given from goddess of wisdom Athena. the Gorgon blood. The Gorgons were mythical female monsters in greek mythology, that had snakes for hair, wings, bronze claws and eyes that could turn a human into stone with just a look. The blood from the left side of a Gorgon was supposed to kill anybody, while the blood from right side, was a healing force of nature.
Hades, god of the dead, thought that no more dead spirits would come to the underworld, so he asked his brother Zeus to stop him. This angered Apollo who in turn killed the Cyclops who made the thunderbolts for Zeus. Other sources stated that Asclepius was later resurrected as a god by Zeus to prevent any further feuds with Apollo. It was also claimed that Asclepius was instructed by Zeus to never revive the dead again, without his approval.
Temple of Asclepius at Epidaurus, was a major temple to the healing god, the Temple of Asclepius at Epidaurus. It was built in the early fourth century BCE. Among the greatest monuments of Greek Antiquity, the famous theatre at the Asklepieion of Epidaurus, is the finest and most renowned of its kind.
The Asklepion of Epidaurus was first investigated by the French Scientific Expedition of the Peloponnese in 1829.
For the Cult of Asclepius and the classical traditions of the healing qualities of a physician and the healing power of a personal bond between doctor and patient, traditions that should not be forgotten by the modern doctors, see:


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