Dr KATAVELOS D.PAVLOS MD, FEBU studied medicine at the Medical School of Athens University. He specialized in Surgical Urology and became Fellow of the European Board of Urology in 2007 followed by postgraduate studies in Whasington DC USA . The daily classic medical imaging and anatomical illustrations of university at undergraduate level, evolved into a passion for Renaissance design and for the creative/constructive surface anatomy drawings of the great old masters. The culmination of this experience, is the current illustrations of mythological and literary themes with three axes.

1.The dramatic plot through intense physical participation in the scenario of the compositions

2.The overexposed anatomical details that adds dramatization to the composition, through physical participation in emotional extravaganza of myth and the creative muscular tension through the choreography highlighting the anatomical elements.

3.The ‘directorial’ density is trying to complete the myth and its meaning to an image, through vibrant physicality and choreographic dialogue of the bodies and of the ideas they bring and often are realizing. The bodies are ideas and participate in the great ballet of life enrichment passion.

The purpose is emotion and myth. The big existential themes of classical mythology / literature, such as tragedy of human weakness, the redemption of the sacrifice, the distance of the sulfur from the daily human passion and  the drama of human randomness, all this  huge passions generated by the temporary power and unbearable injustice wealth, are just a few issues that the great art has encountered over time. The confrontation with them is the essence of  “Promethean mission” of creative art. Those themes can condemn human effort but also can elevate human spirit.


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